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Cultural Quantum       (ebook) - Jeanne BODEN 

Cultural Quantum (ebook)

Jeanne BODEN (Auteur)

2021 13,50 13,50
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Every culture has its own logic. Terms and concepts, such as leadership, ownership, consensus, decision-making, and many others that we use daily in international management and communication practice are far from universal. Successful cross-cultural cooperation requires a common framework. It is not enough to be aware of cultural differences: we need practical tools and guidelines for managing cross-cultural cooperation.

This book introduces and applies the Cultural Quantum® Five Step Method developed by Dr. Jeanne Boden.

Business people, academics and other professionals find the Cultural Quantum® Five Step Method "thought-provoking" and "eye-opening". The ideas contained here will resonate with anyone who deals with colleagues or customers with a different cultural background from their own.

ISBN: 9789081702928

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