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Per Ankh   (ebook) - Margaret Merenit de Boer 

Per Ankh (ebook)

Margaret Merenit de Boer (Auteur)

2020 14,45 14,45
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In this spiritual autobiography, Margreet Merenit de Boer describes her meditative experiences through the shrines of Ancient Egypt. Ever since she was a child, she has longed for 'knowing', and her yearning for Universal Truth was so strong that she knew she had to search for it in order to be happy. As a young girl, she regularly saw ancient Egypt appear in her dreams. It looked so real that she felt as if she knew it, and she hoped her wish to go there one day would come true. That time came when she was 61 years old. Her first trip was an exploratory one. After this inspiring trip through the antiquities of Egypt, she became unstoppable. She then came into contact with a training centre for Ancient Egyptian Healing. During the meditation assignments in the ancient temples, she had the wonderful experience of knowing these places on a soul level. She was able to re-connect her soul to this mystical land, and her incarnation during the 18th Dynasty returned to her consciousness in fragments. An extraordinary quest followed, revolving around 'Knowing the Self'. This consisted of a thorough cleansing process on different levels of being: on the physical, psycho- emotional and soul level. The process was characterised by physical discomfort and periodic episodes of emotional imbalance, but ultimately resulted in becoming a whole

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