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Isn't it time    (ebook) - Iris Pinson 

Isn't it time (ebook)

Iris Pinson (Auteur)

2023 11,45 11,45
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Isn't it time is about the life story of a woman who distances herself from her origins and pursues a successful career.

Sonja Plattel is an independent woman who has learned from an early age to stand up for herself and manage her own affairs.

Her appearance attracts men who find her attractive. She realizes that she can wrap them around her finger when it suits her. It is their problem that they fall in love with her, and she consumes them as if enjoying a meal. She carefully weighs how much she invests in a relationship, until she herself becomes consumed in a relationship and denies that this is her great love. She represses her passion by immersing herself in other relationships, of which she deep down knows that they are only limited in duration.
Without caring too much about it, she settles in a world that is not hers, but adapts surprisingly well.

Sonja cherishes the image that people have of her. Hardworking, neat, honest, and loyal. The question is to what extent she is really honest and loyal? It is a continuous trade-off between unrestrained short-term sex and passion. Or is short-term sex merely a means to get to the acceptance process of passion and true love?

ISBN: 9789083334202

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